A CPA firm named Picron (like the number Pi)

I thought talking about the company and why I started it would be a good first blog post. I started Picron for some of the same reasons that most people go into entrepreneurship: wanting to solve a problem, wanting to be my own boss, and the obvious goal of owning my own jet one day (*fingers crossed*). The most important reason, however, is that I want to help people manage their finances better. I know so many people that find the task of managing their personal finances to be daunting: Tax Laws change almost every year, Health Insurance is complex, Putting kids through college, Keeping a budget that isn’t outdated in two or three months, Planning for retirement, and the list goes on. Unless you just happen to be an Accountant (like me), or just really have tons of free-time to stay current on the various aspects of your personal finance, it is pretty hard thing to do sucessfully. 

In so many ways technology has invaded every aspect of our lives, the growth of smartphones and cloud-based software has made knowledge and data almost always accessible from the comfort of one’s phone. On the business side, these same cloud-based technologies have been growing at a break-neck speed, and their business costs have dropped every year. This is why I chose to operate Picron as an online-based accounting firm. All of Picron services have been designed to be provided to you securely over the internet.  

Founder's Background
I received my bachelor degree in accounting from Southern Illinois University Carbondale. I started my career in government accounting, and eventually moved to private industry accounting where I currently work in Investment Banking. I received my CPA license in 2014, and registered Picron as a CPA Firm in 2016. 

My Vision for Picron
I feel there is a real need for providing high-quality financial services such as financial and tax planning services at an affordable price. I believe over the long-term Picron can fill this role by providing it’s services online at a price that most people can afford. I would like to see Picron become our client’s most trusted advisor. Clients can come to rely on Picron for their various financial needs from tax preparation and planning to personal financial planning.

I will be posting my blog regarding a variety topics: personal finance, tax planning, and even credit improvement.

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