upcoming Personal Financial planning services

As part of our goal to provide affordable services to our clients, Picron is currently developing a new, interactive website to implement our personal financial planning service. The Picron Platform is being designed as a software as a service (SaaS) website. It is being designed to allow clients to receive our service both as a service and as cloud-based software. Our objective is to provide responsive service to our clients in real time.

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financial planning as both service and software

Our financial plans will be goal based. Instead of receiving a long and hard-to-decipher financial plan, your financial plan will be integrated into your client profile on the Picron Platform as a set of long-, mid-, and short-term financial goals. These goals will be integrated into your monthly budget and cash budget as well.

adaptive personal budgets

One of the biggest issues with creating a budget is that by the next month, the budget is no longer accurate because your bills changed, your income changed, you spent more on fast food, or so on. As part of creating your financial plan, Picron will look at your actual spending habits, personal characteristics, nature of expenses, etc., in order to create budgets that are adaptive to your actual spending habits. No longer will you be required to update your own budgets constantly. Our goal is to automate that process as much as possible.

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how much money do i have?

Good job! You made a monthly budget. Yet, about three weeks into the month, it turns out your rent is due a week before your next check. Oh, no! This simple example is quite common. This happens because budgeting to ensure your income is greater than your expenses is only half the battle. The other half is having enough cash on hand when expenses must be paid. Our cash budget will be designed to convert your monthly budget to track cash coming into and out of your accounts. It will allow you to see an estimate of what your cash balance would be on a given date (based on your budget), completely removing the fear of not knowing if you will be able to pay your bills when they come due.