simplified pricing and no hourly rates

No more confusing hourly rates or surprise tacked-on fees. Our pricing is based on categorizing our clients by characteristics (Pricing Profiles):

  1. During signup, you complete an online questionnaire that provides the information needed to determine which pricing profile you fall under for a given service.

  2. We send you an online quote with an estimate of the charges for services you selected. All of our fees are fixed-rate, so once you accept the quote, your price doesn't change.

  3. Simple and transparent pricing is an important part of our strategy of providing excellent service to our clients.

For example, if a college student signs up and completes the pricing questionnaire for the tax return prep and planning service, the student would receive a quote for a simple, flat fee of $40 to prepare the return—no confusing hourly rates and no surprise extra fees at the end of an engagement.


$ 50 /flat-fee

  • Best for very simple returns (1040EZ)

  • Best for Full-Time College Students***

Working professionals profile

$ 150 /flat-fee

  • Best for full-time professionals, homeowners, or people claiming dependents

investors profile

$ 250 /flat-fee

  • Best for people that hold investments such as stocks, bonds, or rental property (Schedule E)

self-employed profile

$ 350 /flat-fee

  • Best for self-employed individuals, consultants, and small business owners (Schedule C Filers)**

  • Covers Personal and Business Income and Expenses


*Additional Flat-fee of $50 per state return when more than 1 state return must be filed for client. 

** Multi-Member LLC's, C-Corps, S-Corps, and Partnerships fall under Business Tax Engagements, contact us for a price quote.

*** To qualify for Basic Profile Pricing as a college must be enrolled in a college or post-bachelor program full-time, and be able to provide supporting documentation if requested.


Contact Us for Price

  • Best for clients who are looking for assistance on short-term projects and specific tasks

  • Clients are charged a flat-fee for each project*


$ 50 /per month

  • Best for newly created companies still in the startup phase.

  • Company must have been in business less than 2 years.


$ 75 /per month

  • Best for freelancers, sole proprietors.

  • Company must have no employees


$ 150 /per month

  • Best for growing small businesses that are out of the startup phase**

  • Company must have less than 5 employees

*Unless the scope of the project is expanded dramatically, your fees for a project will not change from the amount quoted. (We will notify you in writing of a project scope change to get your approval).

**Non-Startup Companies that have more than 5 employees and have been in business more than 2 years, please contact us directly for a price quote.