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Required Documents for business

If any of the documents listed below do not apply to you those documents can be safely disregarded. If you have questions regarding the forms please feel free to contact us. If you received additional forms in addition to the forms listed below, please submit those as well.

Documents We Need from You

Support for business income and expenses:

  • Access to your accounting records and financials (if Picron not preparing)

  • List of all Business Equipment (Cost, Purchase Date, Sale Date)

  • Business Bank Account Statements for 2018 period

  • Business Credit Card Statements for 2018 period

  • Business Income (Invoices issued to customers)

  • Business Expenses (Receipts, Purchase Orders, etc.)

  • Mileage Logs for Business Travel

    • Vehicle Description

    • Business Mileage for Year

    • Commuting Mileage for Year

  • Business Use of your Home

    • Total Square footage of home used for business

    • Support for Office Expenses for 2018

    • Support for Home Expenses for 2018

Provide Form 1099’s received by you.

Provide Form 1099’s filed by you.

  • Please provide support if Picron is preparing:

    • Recipient Name

    • Recipient SSN or EIN

    • Recipient Address (Street, City, and Zip)

    • Amount of Payments made in 2018

    • Description of recipient business

Last 3 years of filed federal and state returns (if you have them available)

  • EIN Number (if prior year returns not provided)

If you are under audit by IRS or your State:

  • All IRS or State Notices Received if the inquiry is still open.

  • Any correspondence between yourself and the tax authorities