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Required Documents for Individuals

If any of the documents listed below do not apply to you those documents can be safely disregarded. If you have questions regarding the forms please feel free to contact us. If you received additional forms in addition to the forms listed below, please submit those as well.

Documents We Need from You

Required for e-filing:

  • Photo of Driver License or State I.D (for self and spouse)

  • Photo of Social Security Card (for self, spouse, and all dependents)

Personal - Income you received:

  • W-2 (from your employer for each job)

  • 1099-R (for retirement)

  • 1099-INT (for interest received on bank account)

  • 1099-MISC (for miscellaneous income you received)

Personal - You, Spouse, or children are in School:

  • 1098-T (for education costs)

  • Receipts for Additional Education Expenses (Books, Supplies)

Provide any other tax information statements received.

Personal - You have children

  • Date of Birth of each child (Birth Certificate, State I.D, etc.)

  • Childcare expenses you paid.(Receipts, Records, etc.)

Personal - You own a Home:

  • 1098 Mortgage Interest (for a mortgage on your home)

  • Property Taxes Paid on Home

Personal - You want to itemize deductions:

  • Medical Expenses Documents (if you paid larger amounts)

  • Receipts for Charitable Contributions

  • Vehicle Sales Tax or other personal property tax paid.

Personal - I have investments:

  • 1099-DIV (I received dividends on my investments)

  • I sold stocks, bonds, etc. (not in a retirement account)

    • Investment Account Statements for 2018

    • Form 8949

  • Schedule K-1 (Iā€™m in a partnership)

If you are under audit by IRS or your State:

  • All IRS or State Notices Received if the inquiry is still open.

  • Any correspondence between yourself and the tax authorities