designed with security in mind

Picron is an online-based accounting firm. All of our services are designed to utilize technology to the fullest extent and to provide more efficient and affordable services to our clients. Just like any other firm or individual doing business in an increasingly digital economy, security is paramount. Cybersecurity threats have become the new normal. Picron is a step above most accounting firms; all of our services have been designed from inception with a focus on securing your confidential information.


SECURE Access to files, dropbox business

One of our most important tools for working with you is handling confidential information. We use Dropbox Business Services as our primary client portal. The client portal will be our primary method for sending and/or receiving your confidential information. Numerous security features help keep your data secured when using the portal:

  • Secure Links— Instead of sending confidential information in the mail or over email. We provide you access to dedicated folder with your files. We also use password-protected links that only you can open for convenience. We will assist you with setting up a account if you don't already have one with dropbox. You will have 24/7 access to your documents in a secure manner. This reduces the risk of theft/loss of your confidential information, such as unsecured emails. 
  • Multi-Factor Authentication— Dropbox supports using your phone as well as your user login and password. This reduces the risk of theft in the event your password is compromised. 
  • Encrypted in Transit— Your documents are is secured with encryption in transit, which means when you upload and/or download information through the portal, your information will be encrypted while being sent over the Internet. This reduces the risk of hackers intercepting your confidential information for their personal gain.



Picron’s goal is to become your most trusted advisor. For us, that means being readily available for our clients. In line with this goal, our clients will be able to reach us by email, phone, or text for confidential matters. We use the app Signal to encrypt phone calls and text communications with our clients. Once you become one of our clients, we set up a secure connection with you on the app, which would allow us to communicate securely by phone and text, if you choose. The smartphone app is available for Android and Iphone for phone and tablet use.  

Please note: Picron is not affiliated in any way with any of the third-party service providers mentioned above. Picron uses these providers solely because we have found them to be the best fit for our business needs and to the benefit of our clients.