personal financial planning Service (beta)

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Our newly launched service, The Personal Financial Planning Service is ideal for individuals who need a financial plan and desire to have their personal finances monitored by a trusted advisor: Picron. 

As part of this service,*

  • We gather information by interviews, questionnaires, and reviewing your financial documents. This information is used to create your financial profile.
  • We use your profile to create a comprehensive financial plan for you. All of our plans are designed to complete a set of financial goals.
  • The plan will consist of a set of long-, medium-, and short-term financial goals and detailed steps required to achieve those goals. Instead of a long document, your complete plan is integrated into your account on our the Personal Finance Portal. 

This service offers the following benefits as well:

  • Creating a financial plan is one thing, but implementing the changes required to pursue a financial plan can be overwhelming. Under this service, Picron will guide you through this process and provide as much help as you may need as long as you remain a client of Picron.
  • Circumstances change—you move, buy a car, buy a house, get married, etc. Every time your financial circumstance changes, your financial plan becomes outdated. Who has the time to update budgets and financial plans constantly? You shouldn't have to. That's the greatest benefit of this service. Picron will remove this burden by working with you to keep the financial plan actually relevant to your current life.

This service includes the following features:

  • Preparation of a detailed financial planning document
  • Assistance implementing your financial plan. Picron will assist you with issues that may arise as part of the implementation phase.
  • Ongoing monitoring of your financial plan. Picron will review and monitor your financial circumstances as long as you’re subscribed under this plan.
  • Secure access to the personal finance portal
  • Secure communications with Picron by phone, text, and email

*Please note, this service does not include investment planning nor direct advice related to financial securities.