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A great complement to the PFP or PFM Services, this service consists of preparing your federal, state, and local tax returns, including guidance on tax-saving opportunities where available.

We offer tax return preparation service whether or not you utilize our financial planning services. However, it will be far more beneficial for you to utilize this service along with a financial planning service for the following reasons:

  • Long term tax planning is a more effective approach to reducing tax liabilities than a year-by-year approach.
  • We offer discounts when this service is used in conjunction with a financial planning service.
  • Since we would have a more comprehensive look at your financial situation, we would be in a better position to implement approaches within the financial plan that reduce taxes over the long term (Please note this is not a guarantee but only a possible outcome of using this service).

This service includes the following Features:

  • Preparation of your federal return.
  • Preparation of your state and local return.*
  • E-filing of all returns (when available).
  • Secure access to your documents via phone, tablet, or PC  .
  • Secure upload of tax forms to your personal folder on our client portal (prior year returns, W-2's, etc.). 
  • Postage-paid tax organizers to organize and mail us your tax forms for preparation—no need to stress about filling out tedious forms online!
  • Ability to digitally sign forms and document via phone, tablet, or PC.
  • Secure communications with Picron by phone, text, and email.
  • Guidance on potential tax-savings opportunities when available.